Amazing coasts of Croatia


Pirovac - Skradin – Primosten – Maslenica – Palmizana –  Rogoznica - The Opat – Pirovac

Total length: 153,26 n.m.

Route description

1st day. Passage Pirovac  - Skradin. ( 35.1 n.m)

14-00 Crew meets captain in marina Pirovac

15-00 Settling in cabins, purchaise of food

17-00 Sailing off from Pirovac, passage to Skradin.

 Pirovac is adorned by numerous natural beaches, sandy bays and in the game of the shadow and light the visitors can experience different views over the scenery in different parts of the day. Special attraction is an islet Sustipanac, known as Mojster or „The island of love“, situated just opposite Pirovac where visitors can relax and enjoy in swimming and sunbathing and those bravest ones can jump into the sea from high cliffs.

2nd day. Passage Skradin– Primosten. ( 15 n.m) 

10-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Skradin, passage to Primosten.

Skradin – town nearest to famous national park with waterfalls Krka. Incredible waterfall cascades charm with their beauty, moreover, it is allowed swimming there. Skradin is well-known for its swans – these beautiful creatures swim between yachts and pose for video with great pleasure.

3nd day. Passage Primosten – Maslenica isl. ( 19.3 n.m)

10-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Primosten , passage to Maslenica isl. 

Primosten – amazing Mediterranean town. It attracts with its colors, fun, abounding cosy cafes and miraculous cuisine. The town is known for its red wine “Babich”. Every August inhabitants of Primosten put on national costumes and parade the town, this event is called ethnographic festival telling about traditions and customs of local people.

4nd day. Passage  Maslenica isl. - Palmizana  (  18 n.m)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Maslenica isl., passage to Palmizana


Maslenica – small but very attractive village on island Solta. Maslenica infatuates tourists with its colorful landscapes, bay where water is so clear that it seems that boats are floating in the air. It is also well known with its sweet honey and local wine Soltan.


5th day. Passage. Palmizana - Rogoznica (  31.86 n.m)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Palmizana, Passage to Rogoznica.

Palmizana – is a small island with admirable nature. Protected nature park, famous with its quiet beaches, exotic botanic garden where a hundred years ago were put in various plants from the whole world, crystal water and small villas. Here you will enjoy with perfect vacation, recover your mental tone, strengthen your body. There are also several hidden bays for adventurers.


6st day.  Passage Rogoznica - Opat ( 22 n.m)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Rogoznica, Passage to Opat.

Rogozica – a moderate modern Croatian town . It is beloved by tourists because of its colors, unbridled night joy, excellent cuisine, active sports either on land or in water and of course multiple buildings in old town. There is situated one of the most prestigious and beautiful Adriatic and Mediterranean marines with its sandy beaches, azure coast and great number of shops.

7st day.Passage  Opat – Pirovac ( 12 n.m)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Opat, Passage to Pirovac.

The Opat - is part of the national park of the island of Kornati. Famous for the excellent restaurant "Konoba Opat." Here you can sample the best examples of Mediterranean and national cuisine, as well as enjoy stunning views of the bay opening from the restaurant


8st day. 

9-00 Disembarkation from yacht




Type of tour Yacht tour
Category Sail
Country Croatia
Period 7n/8days