Heart of Croatia


Pirovac - Zadar – Zut isl.  - Maslenica – Rogoznica (Marina Frapa) – Solaris - Opat- Pirovac

Total length: 139 n.m.

Route description:

1st day. Passage Pirovac  - Zadar. (24 n.m.)

14-00 Crew meets captain in marina Pirovac

15-00 Settling in cabins, purchaise of food

17-00 Sailing off from Pirovac, passage to Zadar.

 Pirovac is adorned by numerous natural beaches, sandy bays and in the game of the shadow and light the visitors can experience different views over the scenery in different parts of the day. Special attraction is an islet Sustipanac, known as Mojster or „The island of love“, situated just opposite Pirovac where visitors can relax and enjoy in swimming and sunbathing and those bravest ones can jump into the sea from high cliffs.

2st day. Passage   Zadar -  Zut isl. (22 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Zadar, Passage to Zut isl.

 Zadar - in the city it is worth seeing an impregnable fortress that was founded by the Venetians and for over three hundred years confronted the Turkish soldiers, the church of St. Donatus, St. Stosios Cathedral, as well as the Basilica of St. Creschevon, the Church of Saint Frane, the Church of Saint Shimun, the People's Square with the City Lodge. The city continues to develop and among the many modern attractions (corresponding to a major resort center) it is worth noting the embankment of Zadar with the original monument "Hello Sun" and the famous marine organ.


3st day. Passage   Zut isl.  - Maslenica (40 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Zut isl., Passage to Maslenica.

Zut is the biggest from all uninhabited islands situated in Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. The highest peak is Gubavac that is 155 meters above sea level. There is no constant living population, its major part became overgrown with macchia, juniper, myrtle, oleander and wild pistachios, but there grows also grapes, fig, olives. Notwithstanding absence of constant inhabitants you may meet there fishermen’ and farmers’ houses. First of all the island is available for owners of yachts and wild nature and luxury landscapes touch everybody’s feelings. One of popular places of the island is fine dining restaurant “Festa” where we will be offered to try newly caught fish and delicious seafood, as well as grilled and baked meat dishes. And all this is made by skillful cook on traditional Croatian recipes. You can taste the best Croatian wines; olive oil produced right here is considered to be one of the best in the country.


4st day. Passage    Maslenica – Marina Frapa (15 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Maslenica, Passage to Marina Frapa.

Maslenica – small but very attractive village on island Solta. Maslenica infatuates tourists with its colorful landscapes, bay where water is so clear that it seems that boats are floating in the air. It is also well known with its sweet honey and local wine Soltan.

5st day. Passage  Rogoznica (Marina Frapa)  - Solaris (13 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Rogoznica (Marina Frapa) Passage to Solaris.

Rogoznica (Marina Frapa) – a moderate modern Croatian town . It is beloved by tourists because of its colors, unbridled night joy, excellent cuisine, active sports either on land or in water and of course multiple buildings in old town. There is situated one of the most prestigious and beautiful Adriatic and Mediterranean marines with its sandy beaches, azure coast and great number of shops.


6st day. Passage  Solaris - Opat(13 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Solaris, Passage to Opat.

Solaris - a complex of hotels and restaurants styled for an authentic Croatian village. Very nice, cozy and tasty

7st day. Passage   Opat - Pirovac (12 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Opat, Passage to Pirovac.

The Opat - is part of the national park of the island of Kornati. Famous for the excellent restaurant "Konoba Opat." Here you can sample the best examples of Mediterranean and national cuisine, as well as enjoy stunning views of the bay opening from the restaurant

8st day..

9-00 Disembarkation from yacht



Type of tour Yacht tour


Country Croatia
Period 7n / 8days