"On the fabulous coast of Croatia"


Pirovac - Pasman - Murter  - Skradin - Primosten –Zirje isl  - Vodice- Pirovac

Total length: 94 n.m.

Route description

1st day. Passage Pirovac  - Pasman. ( 15 n.m.)

14-00 Crew meets captain in marina Pirovac

15-00 Settling in cabins, purchaise of food

17-00 Sailing off from Pirovac, passage to Pasman.

 Pirovac is adorned by numerous natural beaches, sandy bays and in the game of the shadow and light the visitors can experience different views over the scenery in different parts of the day. Special attraction is an islet Sustipanac, known as Mojster or „The island of love“, situated just opposite Pirovac where visitors can relax and enjoy in swimming and sunbathing and those bravest ones can jump into the sea from high cliffs.

2st day. Passage Pasman  -  Murter. ( 11 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Pasman, Passage to Murter.

Pasman island combines the most favorable conditions for vacation, it is not too popular among tourists. Fortunately thereby it preserved its original authentic natural flavor, what makes it precious for those who prefers beauty of primary nature and vacation far from noise cities.

3st day. Passage Murter  - Skradin. ( 24 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Murter, Passage to Skradin.

Murter island  is Adriatic pearl. Murter with its islands, cliffs, reefs and rocks is one the most beautiful places in Mediterranean. Island is smoothed in green Mediterranean woodlands. It’s a real heaven on earth. You will find all that needs modern traveler in Murter: intimate restaurants with truly dainty dishes, diving gear and boat rental.

муртер тур

4st day. Passage Skradin  - Primosten. ( 14 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Skradin, Passage to Primosten.

Skradin – town nearest to famous national park with waterfalls Krka. Incredible waterfall cascades charm with their beauty, moreover, it is allowed swimming there. Skradin is well-known for its swans – these beautiful creatures swim between yachts and pose for video with great pleasure.

5st day. Passage Primosten  - Zirje isl.  ( 10 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Primosten, Passage to Zirje isl.

Primosten – amazing Mediterranean town. It attracts with its colors, fun, abounding cosy cafes and miraculous cuisine. The town is known for its red wine “Babich”. Every August inhabitants of Primosten put on national costumes and parade the town, this event is called ethnographic festival telling about traditions and customs of local people.

Нисходящая нисан€ÐÐÒ

6st day. Passage Zirje isl.   - Vodice. ( 8 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Zirje isl., Passage to Vodice.

Island Zirje is a picturesque island in the central part of Adriatic Sea, situated not far from city Sibenik. The island is known for its colors of nature and several cultural and historical monuments. It is a great opportunity to swim in warm azure water of island’s bay.

жÐÑ€Ñ при

7st day. Passage Vodice  - Pirovac. ( 12 n.m.)

09-00 Sightseeing

11-00 Sailing off from Vodice, Passage to Pirovac.

Vodice – picturesque resort town attracting tourists with combination of quiet antique place and club night life. Numerous restaurants, bars, discos and clubs work almost all day and night.

8st day.

9-00 Disembarkation from yacht




Type of tour

Yacht tour







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