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About yachting


It’s hard to realize what is sailing if you never tried it. Yacht trip lets you see towns and landscapes but it differs from car ride; it gifts wonderful sea and sun but it’s not like tedious hotel beach holiday; it gives dozens of impressions and thrilling emotions but it’s much more comfortable than adventure ride. You choose route by yourself and you may vary it. Yacht is unlike any other vacation lets combine everything best that a country might offer for its quests.



Myths about yachting


Yacht without any doubt is one of the best activities the mankind ever invented. Imagination creates a snow-white beauty somewhere on azure coast: sea, sun, freedom!
But them majority sighs bitterly and forget this dream considering it unreal. The matter is in myths forming opinion about yachting in two extreme ways – “sea dogs” struggling with waves and wind somewhere in rough seas or multi million “Abramovich yachts”.

Golden mid – cruise sailing yachts that became a favorite activity for millions of people throughout the world. Read More...


Vacation on the catamaran

If accommodation on yacht can be compared with small cozy apartments, catamaran in its turn reminds small villa: comfortable, cozy and spacious.

If we compare it with traditional yacht, even small-sized one, catamaran seems more spacious and comfortable. This is achieved due to constructive peculiarities: two floating hulls and bulkhead on them.   Thanks to this construction catamaran acquires better stability on water – there is no heel and swell is almost not felt when sailing. But the reason is not only in such comfort, such construction influence on handling and speed of yacht.



Vacation on the sailing yacht


Charter sailing yacht is a vessel that lets you to travel comfortably either along coastline or in high seas regardless the size of your boat.

You may study constructive and technical characteristics in our section “Our fleet”. Task of this virtual excursion – to show that your yacht will become your sweet home during voyage.

So, a sailing yacht. 



Safety measures on the yacht


Main dangers and main rules

Watch your head! Beware of boom, be attentive, and warn other crew members standing in dangerous zone. Boom is especially dangerous when going at broad reach, i.e. down the wind, because in this case spontaneous shift on the other board at warp speed is possible. It moves with such speed that sometimes bends or even breaks striking in backstay. The most frequent reason of serious injures!!!

Mnemonic rule to remember – “Boom strikes just once!”


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