Kornati Cup 2021

Dates: 24 April  - 29 April 2021 

Legend has it that when God created the Earth, some stones fell on the blue sea, and when he turned around, he was impressed by this beauty and decided to leave them. It was the creation of Kornati, a maze of 152 islands, islands and reefs. The idea of ​​a Kornati Cup regatta arose spontaneously in 1984, when a group of sailing enthusiasts appeared with three boats sailing from Murter Island towards Pishker Island. The following year, the first regatta in joint Austrian-Croatian cooperation gathered 27 boats and became traditional. In 1988, there were already 118 boats in the Kornati Cup, and this event turned into one of the largest regattas in the eastern part.

* At the Kornati Cup buffet and free beer events




A small island located in northern Croatia and connected to the mainland by a long bridge. Despite its size, this place boasts a rather long history. Murter was first mentioned in 1251 as Villa Magna, and you can still find here the remains of Roman buildings and the ancient settlement of Colentum.


The approach to Piskera Marina is mostly safe, although there are numerous islets and reefs and a large map scale is required. When approaching from the north, the yacht passes through a narrow channel between the islands of Piskera and Lavasa to turn right to enter the marina from the southeast, leaving the islet of Mala Panitula on the port side. When entering from the south, the yacht can either leave Mala Panitula Island on the port side at the entrance or pass between the Vela Panitula islet and Skanji Veli reef about 150 meters from its southeastern cape. This canal is very narrow, but with a depth of up to 7.0 m. Note that the northern part of the canal between Piskera and Vela Panitula is shallow, rocky and impassable on a yacht. The marina has a restaurant, minimarket, toilets.


In the central part of Dalmatia is the island of Jute. On this island you cannot meet a soul, because it is completely uninhabited. Its area is 14.83 square kilometers, and its coastline is more than 44 kilometers. Due to its size, Jout is rightfully ranked 28th among the islands of Croatia, and is the second largest island in the Kornata archipelago. It really can be considered one of the largest and most famous uninhabited islands in Croatia.


The biograd in the history of Croatia has been given one of the places of honor due to the fact that earlier this city was the capital of the country's kings. However, this glorious place became a resort before its other Croatian “brothers” - in the interval between the First and Second World Wars. Therefore, the city of legend can not be ignored, since you are in this country of ancient monuments and wildlife. Historians claim that the first written mention of the city dates back to the 10th century, and the Croatian kings were the founders of Biograd, however, until this time, the local lands were also not empty - Illyrian tribes settled here. After the city came to life, it was first made the heart of the kingdom, and then the episcopal residence.


Murter Island is an integral part of the Sibenik archipelago. The island is separated from the mainland by the Murterski kanal, and in the west it is surrounded by the Murtersko more, which reaches on the other side to the Kornati islands.

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