Logushkin Tuning Studio

Dear friends!

We would like to tell you about our new project: a special tuning division LTS (Logushkin Tuning Studio) has started its work at Aquatoria - Yachting.

There’s no secret that we have been refining yachts since the birth of our own fleet in 2013 when we acquired the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS Vika.

For the first time, we ourselves equipped it with a teak deck, installed a generator, an air conditioning system, updated flooring, and upholstered furniture, and many little things and improvements: the throne alone is worth something!

The throne is a special skipper seat at the stern of the yacht.


In 2016 we started refining used yachts as part of our own fleet

2018: The company "Aquatoria-Yachting" is the exclusive distributor of the Slovenian shipyard ELAN in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

Having started trading new yachts, we decided to modify them as well. All yachts are good in their own way, however, unlike serial production at the shipyard, we work with each customer individually: we give important recommendations, take into, meet all wishes. This applies to everything: the design of the interior and exterior of the yacht, the choice of materials, the elaboration of little things: from hangers, lights, storage systems for inventory, things, dishes - (even a trash can must be convenient and beautiful), to serious technical components and assemblies that are installed only official representatives of manufacturers under our control. This control is necessary to achieve incredible ergonomics and functional efficiency of all modifications.


So, we started to finalize completely new yachts. Many years of yachting experience and the highest qualifications of our team members allow us to achieve the best results.

We manufacture the tent equipment according to our own patterns, install climatic and energy systems, completely recycle the interior.

We make the first completely new modified yacht for our own fleet. We believe that it is possible to experiment only on ourselves and to offer customers only fully thought-out and proven solutions.

Meet our "first swallow" - RAPTOR



We purchased a brand-new ELAN E4 (2021)

Elan E4 (2021)
Elan E4 2021

and completely redesigned it

The goal is to create a beautiful and comfortable sports cruising yacht that can win.

Many design changes were made to the yacht by LTS right at the shipyard and directly in the studio: carriages and bowsprit were replaced, we achieved a weight reduction of 900 (!) Kg., A huge number of the largest and smallest details were finalized.

There are a couple of weeks left before launching and the start of sea trials and fine-tuning, however, we are already sharing our great joy with you.

There is no doubt that we will definitely show you our RAPTOR in all its glory soon.

Dear friends, LTS studio is now open for you. Any wishes for your yachts can be realized.

Good luck, fair wind for all of us, and seven feet under the keel!