Elan E6 "THOR" Offshore Challenge 2023
Elan E6

The yacht Elan E6 "THOR" from Aquatoria Yachting made a stunning performance in the prestigious Offshore Challenge 2023 regatta in Croatia. This yacht took part in the competition for the first time and immediately proved its unsurpassedness, perseverance and speed.

The regatta took place in harsh weather conditions, where the wind reached up to 60 knots. Despite this, the team from Slovakia managed to overcome the difficult distance of Biograd na Moru - Dubrovnik - Biograd na Moru. The race consisted of two stages, each of which was 150 nautical miles long.

"THOR" demonstrated its outstanding maneuverability and speed, coming first to the finish in Dubrovnik with an incredible distance from other participants for a few hours. A total of 41 crews of professional sailors took part in the race. At the second stage of the Dubrovnik-Biograd na moru race, the crew took 2nd place. The "THOR" team consisting of real professionals fought for almost 13 hours for the first place.

What makes the result of the yacht "THOR" even more impressive is that the captain of the yacht is a woman. Her courage and determination, combined with an experienced team of three women and seven men, helped to achieve incredible results.

The results of the yacht "THOR" at the Offshore Challenge 2023 regatta arouses admiration and inspires new achievements in the world of yachting. If you also dream of feeling adrenaline speed and luxury, we invite you to our charter, where you can rent this fast and beautiful yacht. Embark on an exciting sea adventure on the yacht "THOR" and feel like a real winner!

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