Regattas & Flotillas

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER.  

If you are already a sailor, or you are tending to be, if you like that spirit connected with regattas, racing adrenaline, friendly atmosphere combined with beautiful Croatia´s Adriatic  coast, or ,maybe, you just want to become more experienced, or just want to try compete for the first time, then you are on perfect place. We either organize our own regattas, or we can organize for you your own regatta or place/boat in regatta that you would like to compete in. 

Therefore we reviewed the calendar of the Croatian Sailing Federation and, among 409 contests this year, selected  REGATTAS which are the most important or most interesting, either according to the number of participants, the quality of the sailing boats, the sailing routes or the idea behind the event itself. Some of the regattas we will present here already have an international profile and are well known to foreign sailors coming to Croatia, while others are still relatively unknown, but as we see their idea- they will grow for sure!

The Calendar of the Croatian Sailing Federation ( ) for the 2019 will be announced on 01. october 2018., therefore please understand that we still don´t know corect dates for next year. We will update them for sure.

So lets begin:

Frapa Bussiness Cup

Dates: 07 october - 09 october 2020

International competitions in water sports and competitions between various enterprises and organizations on the water - during sports and on the beach - during a variety of entertainment programs.

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Dates: 02 may  - 09 may 2020

The regatta of Cabestan-Croatia will pass through the Dalmatian islands of Croatia. Cabestan is the best Russian-speaking regatta of all time!

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Jabuka Regatta

Dates: 13 november  - 15 november  2020

If the Vis Regatta is the strongest, Jabuka is the most extreme Croatian regatta, as it takes place in the winter weather season in early November, on the open seas, on the route from Vodice to the volcanic island of Jabuka and back.

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Spring Cup

Dates: 25 april - 02 may 2020

There will be an international 8-day regatta with spectacular views. Every day after the race, parties are organized, mesmerizing excursions, a friendly atmosphere.

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Union Regatta 2020

Dates: 06 june - 13 june 2020

This year there will be another mesmerizing regatta with picturesque views. The pearl of this route will be a visit to the most important historical center of Croatia - the city of Zadar. 

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United Sailing Week

Dates: 2 may - 09 may 2020

Regatta “United Sailing Week” is the result of joint efforts of the congenial organizers of sailing regattas. It is organized by “United Sailing Week” and "Partistan of Yaching" .

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Kornati Cup

Dates: 25  April  - 30 April 2020 

Legend has it that when God created the Earth, some stones fell on the blue sea, and when he turned around, he was impressed by this beauty and decided to leave them. It was the creation of Kornati, a maze of 152 islands, islands and reefs. The idea of ​​a Kornati Cup regatta arose spontaneously in 1984, when a group of sailing enthusiasts appeared with three boats sailing from Murter Island towards Pishker Island.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.