Vacation on the catamaran

If accommodation on yacht can be compared with small cozy apartments, catamaran in its turn reminds small villa: comfortable, cozy and spacious.
If we compare it with traditional yacht, even small-sized one, catamaran seems more spacious and comfortable. This is achieved due to constructive peculiarities: two floating hulls and bulkhead on them.    

Catamaran-Cruiseee  TMI_4802

Thanks to this construction catamaran acquires better stability on water – there is no heel and swell is almost not felt when sailing. But the reason is not only in such comfort, such construction influence on handling and speed of yacht. Two-hulled yachts better sail downwind (on broad reaches), their straight floating hulls cut the water that lets them win several knots of speed.

Floating hulls are isolated from each other that provides the feeling of privacy. There are 2 cabins with heads. Fore part is a forepeak – small room equipped with bed and shelves but without separate entrance. It may be used as bedroom for children or storage for large-sized things. You can enter in it from fore-cabin or from deck through the hatch, only big catamarans have full-fledged cabin with separate entrance.

Zone in the bulkhead is a spacious salon. There is galley, bar counter, mess room with big table and sofas, chart table.    

A few words about galley on catamaran. Cooking here is a pleasure: yacht stove on hinges, refrigerator and freezing cameras, wide working area, comfortable and capacious boxes, full set for cooking and laying the table. Here they often mount a tap with salt water for saving fresh water.
Sliding glass door leads you to aft part of the deck – cockpit. It is much more spacious than on yacht, tables and sofas may easily welcome a big company.
Helmsman’s place transferred from cockpit zone to a special podium that saves space for rest and comfortable handling.   
In capacious boxes may be kept all equipment for yacht and rest. Dinghy is secured on special carriers outside the aft that essentially saves space on deck.
But still the most beloved place of the whole crew is the net in fore part of catamaran. Here one might sunbathe, watch running water between floating hulls, make some photos, gather in evening, enjoy sunsets and sky full of stars. This place like also those who are fond of fishing. 

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